Electronics of the future, already available at Elektro Hackl:

  • It rains – the awning closes.
  • The room temperature increases – the blinds close.
  • The light was left on in the hallway – switch it off with your remote control.

Benefit from our services:

  • Planning of light and switch positions
  • Intercom systems (audio/video)
  • Smart living space controls
  • Smart building services & home automation 
  • Photovoltaic & solar systems 
  • Satellite TV
  • Lightning protection
  • and much more…

With our fully automatic control system it’s possible to create a smart house tailored to your needs.

The sophisticated programming and the smart control elements make sure that your electrical facilities carry out memorised commands. The settings running in the background can be changed at any time. You can even access the heating controls and the blinds commands remotely while you are on holiday or on a business trip.

With bus systems you can control all your home appliances centrally and flexibly.

Become the intelligent operator of your smart house and contact us for a consultation free of charge!

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Benefit from our services:

  • extensive experience in electrical installations for hotels and traders
  • setting up automation systems and developing network infrastructures
  • planning and producing switchgear enclosures tailored to individual requirements
  • setting up security systems
  • developing a cost reduction plan (thanks to efficient lighting solutions, heating controls etc.)
  • planning smart house solutions (controlling blinds automatically, dimming the lights etc.)
  • personalised lighting systems

Inspection reports

Your electrical system must be checked and inspected regularly in accordance with official requirements. By law the operator of an electrical system is responsible for its lawful functioning and liable for any damage to property or persons. In the event of damage, uninspected and defective electrical wiring might not only leave you without insurance cover, but also endanger your life.

In the last few years we have been able to acquire a wide range of technical expertise, train skilled employees and gain invaluable experience. For everything related to electronics, building services and security we are the competent, flexible partner you need. Thanks to our large and growing pool of staff we can handle large projects with ease.

Professional electrical installations are one of the prerequisites for success. By installing wireless technology and modern lighting solutions you can save up to 50%. You can rely on us to find the most efficient solution for your home or business.

Cut costs:
with efficient lighting plans (LEDs), photovoltaic systems and heating controls

with smart controls (heating, air conditioning, lighting)

Increase security:
with video surveillance, securing property with access controls, burglar and fire alarms

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Fires, damage to buildings and the threat posed by electric shocks to people can be almost entirely avoided with standard lightning protection and grounding systems.

  • The external lightning protection system protects the building against direct lightning hits and conducts dangerous surges to the grounding system.
  • The internal lightning protection system (surge arrester) reliably discharges excess voltage.

We plan all security measures in line with the latest standards and procedures.

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Besides Internet, TV and radio programmes from all over the world are a staple of daily life. We have the perfect solution for crystal-clear reception and not only use state-of-the-art installation methods, but also offer a wide range of satellite receivers from simple ones to exclusive multipurpose devices.

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Your benefits

Control of lighting, heating (individual rooms), shutters and blinds; presence simulation when the building is empty; and central functions (e.g. you can switch off lights with a central switch).

Your savings

Cut your costs effectively thanks to optimised energy systems. With automation e.g. of shutter controls, you can save up to 30% in heating/cooling costs.

Your health

With radio technology the radio signal is 90% less powerful than mobile phone radiation. With radio bus systems we can control 99% of all controllable devices.

All energy-consuming devices can be (remote) controlled and all processes automated. The biggest advantage of radio bus systems lies in their optimised cable laying. There is no cable needed between the light and the switch.

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With our lighting plans we create spaces you will love to live in using products from our partners that combine innovative technologies with beautiful design. Light affects our emotions and influences our well-being. We will happily inform you about different lighting solutions for different applications and draw up the plans for you. Our technicians will carry out the installation correctly and professionally.

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