The electrical (r)evolution

We write history...

The pioneer Benjamin Franklin was able to extract electricity generated by lightning during a powerful thunderstorm and conducted it into a specially designed container.

Fascinated by Franklin’s famous experiment, Luigi Galvani tried to prove the existence of animal electricity using lightning and frogs’ legs. Unwittingly, he generated the first electrical circuits during his experiments.

Around a hundred years later, Thomas Alva Edison invented the lightbulb.

Today Edison’s ground-breaking invention is an integral part of our (working) lives. Without our small and large electrical helpers that we use everyday, our lives would be dramatically different.

Elektro Hackl has been a competent and reliable expert and partner in the field of electricity for the past 30 years. Excellent customer service, high-quality products and services are the building blocks for the success of this family business.

A new chapter in the history of electronics is being written...

  • In 1989 Johann Hackl founded Elektro Hackl as a sole trader.
  • As early as 1996 the high demand resulted in an expansion of the company. On the former Smon Areal in Spittal/Drau, Austria an office and workshop with a storage facility is built.
  • Over the following years, more expansion and modification work is undertaken and in 2008 the company structure is transformed.
  • The sole proprietorship is turned into the limited company Elektro Hackl GmbH.
  • Renewable energies start to become more and more important at Elektro Hackl, resulting in the training of the first solar technician in Upper Carinthia in 2013.
  • In 2016 a branch is opened in Vienna.